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Nowhere is psychic development and the augmentation of psy abilities more powerful or contemporary than in the vPsychic philosophies. As an Ambassador for the modern perspective of extra-sensory abilities, the vPsychic Medium redefines psy skills into those that can be used in many areas of life.

Bringing science and spirituality, sociology and psychology together into a beautiful synthesis of mind and sensation, vPsychic methods are not only grounded, modern, and thoroughly researched, but awe-inspiring to behold, life-changing to experience, and overwhelming to be a part of.

From Foundation vPsychic Abilities, to Energis:V, Avatar Programme, and iPsy, the wealth of abilities and wisdom is a must to anybody who wants to progress their skills beyond the everyday world, to sense what other do not sense, to know what others do not know and to reawaken what you know is within, but have simply forgotten.


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