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The Psy Q Orientation

Train your brain for
happiness and success
with the most remarkable
audio programme

Five interconnected and
interweaving stories that
offer a whimsical yet emotional journey. However, as you practise holding your attention on one stroy at a time, the other four stories subliminally reprogramme your mind using powerful Viridia Lingua speech fractals and PsyQ Orientations to shift the way you think - not simply changing your beliefs - enhancing the way your brain functions to handle thought and the processes of thinking to genius or even polymath levels of ability. Create emotional happiness, flow states, develop potent psy abilities, increase health and well-being, plus much more.

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PsyQ is a powerful style of thinking methodology that enables you to recalibrate your brain to higher levels of cerebral function. This is not simply changing your beliefs, but precisely honing the way thoughts exist in your brain to the point where you can think with volition and display genius level abilities. Through contrasting styles of calibration, you target specific areas of your brain and build their abilities through a wealth of awe-inspiring techniques. You then combine your regime with a synthesis of brain function, chemistry and psychology to become a multidimensional thinker with extreme levels of PsyQ. This can produce advanced analytical skills, improved awareness and conscious focus, heightened creativity, lateral thinking, intuitive cognition, the ability to proactively attain goals and multi-dimensional strategy creation.

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