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Hazel Trees
To The Realm Bare Oak with a Sore Head
Bluebells, Michaelmas and Yona
The mPowr Realm Experience is unlike any other.
A ‘living storybook’, the Realm is created
by your interactions with it, (as opposed to just
reading as you would an everyday book).
Therefore, as you travel the Realm, you’ll
be invited to solve puzzles, develop your intuition,
and partake in fantastic mysteries that will
immerse and inspire you! As you
become more absorbed through the senses of your
Avatar, you will undergo a shift in perception that offers unimaginable rewards.

In the pursuit of profound spiritual awakening and
the achievement of personal excellence,
you’ll embark on many magical adventures,
though you will need to use your initiative and
invest some time – for these are the
qualities of the world’s most successful explorers!!
See Clumpy's New Adventure! Stage
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