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A philosophy, refined over thousands of years, has shaped the foundations of vReiki Mastery. Various facets of potent force, known as Ki, create dynamics that define our very lives, from the foundations of physicality to the extreme realms of spiritual awakening. A healing system, process for spiritual enlightenment, manifestation technique, personal development philosophy and method for human excellence, vReiki is an epic journey through ancient energy art and modern, dynamic practice. vReiki can be used in a range of ways: stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms; repatterning thoughts; non-touch massage and to heighten intuitive awareness.

The Viridian Method is an advanced personal and business development system that incorporates leading-edge psychology, transpersonal sociology, multi-dimensional spirituality, memetics, and Viridian Philosophy. The Viridian Method also bears fruit in an overwhelming sense of well-being, happiness, and inner peace. The foundations of VM begin with parameterisation of different social and psychology environments, dynamic shifts and human evolution, the psychology of multi-dimensional thinking, the science of quantum philosophy and the spirituality of expanded energy consciousness. With these in place, you embark on a mind-warping adventure into the furthest reaches of human excellence and personal fulfilment.

Using vibrational,
linguistic, and dynamic regression to recreate the experience of past lives and miasmatic states, KRT is a fascinating therapy that reawakens the past and re-envisages the future. The Karmic Regression Therapist plugs directly into a sensory experience that uses visual imagery, audio, emotions, touch, taste, aromas, and sensations, to immerse themselves in an experience where the past is healed and the future created anew.

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