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You are capable of anything you can imagine - you can face your darkest fears and conquer your habitual behaviour; you can communicate with others in ways that inspire and create empathy; you can persuade and create precise responses; you can achieve success, wealth, loving relationships, and utter joy; you can heal yourself of past hurts and current challenges.

Creative Writing Therapy is the use of words to redefine your life, because words, in the form of thoughts, ideas and beliefs, create the parameters we live by. When you change those parameters you change your life and can tailor your experience precisely. CWT is incredibly adaptable and is used in overcoming trauma, creating business and personal success, attaining dreams and goals, etc. It can also be used to increase creativity, hone writing skills and improve your chances of achieving excellence in any writing form and beyond.

The remarkable essence of CWT is that it is not simply creative writing in a freeform way, for CWT uses powerful techniques to target different areas of your life, business, and creative approach. These not only help you find and communicate your individuality, but offer emotional, physical, cerebral and even spiritual development for the CWT user. From introductory programmes, through Practitionership and Mentoring to CWT Trainer and Master Trainer, you can discover a vast realm of creativity and achievement – and it is all within you right now!

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