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The Adventurer's Guide
The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Reiki Essences

Have you ever experienced the peace of walking in a woodland in springtime? The cool sensation of a gentle breeze against your face and sunlit dappled earth… the trees gently whispering and birdsong filling the air. Are there times when you long to stand on a beach, feeling the heat on a summer’s day and the gentle lapping of the sea on your feet? The salty taste upon your lips and expansive aroma of ozone.

Most people deeply love these sensations, but all often are deprived of the experience because they live in the city, or have busy schedules. Over time the lack of feeling connected to the natural world can leave us feeling stressed and drained of energy.

Very often we can feel so sapped of the energy we need to function that we get depressed, or experience physical dis-ease or injury as a result of being in less than top form. Sometimes past traumas, grief, or abuse can hold us back, or maybe you’ve been told you’re not good enough and lack self-esteem.

If you love being ‘in’ nature and feeling connected to the earth, but find that (for whatever reason) day-to-day life is hindering your ability to spend time relaxing, Celtic Reiki may be the answer for you.

You may have heard about Reiki therapies prior to visiting this page, or maybe they are completely new to you! Either way, Celtic Reiki is an experience unlike any other - because Celtic Reiki is a completely holistic form of Personal Development method. It does not just focus on your health and wellbeing (although these are core elements of Celtic Reiki Mastery), you’ll also feel empowered to tackle work and professional challenges, improve relationships and your love life, create a wonderful environment for you and your family, and work towards great achievements that will help you make something profound in your life.

You can now experience all this and more by embarking on Celtic Reiki Mastery training; initially focusing on ‘home use’ for you and your family, before venturing into the Realms of professional practice. This can help you to change your life in ways that you may have found challenging in the past. This is the magic of the Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience...


The Three Mystics of Celtic Reiki A Master's Companion
The Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience Books

The Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience is unlike anything you have known - the immersive environment of the Realms traverses the solid world and the virtual world… a synthesis of online experience, physical tools, and expanded awareness. You will travel great distances in the most fleeting of moments, and glimpse the infinite potential of all things within yourself. Your exploration will be compelling, life-changing, and raise your expectations of what remote-study should be.

This is a transformational online experience, integrating visually stunning imagery, musical scores, binaural sound, soothing vocal communication, and profound language patterns to take you beyond words… to an intense sensory experience that you will want to enjoy again and again. Supported by 1-2-1 mentoring (with the Realm Master Experience), you will have expert guidance every step of the way to ensure you get the most from your journey. As many Masters have described, ‘This is an opportunity that you simply cannot put into words, you need to experience it for yourself to achieve the full impact – whatever you think it is, it is more!’

Actual Orientation Layer Screens

Eventually, you will know that, as awe-inspiring as the Home Experience is, your Mastery of Celtic Reiki goes way beyond the training programme, as you now experience what happens after… How would it feel if you could help and support others in ways that seemed miraculous or magical? Imagine feeling so connected to the moment that life simply flows with an ease and grace that you have not known before. You might become aware of other layers of consciousness or intelligence when you fully Master your Celtic Reiki abilities and isn’t it reassuring to know that at every step of the way you will be guided by trusted mentors who also have experienced the journey of discovery and transformation you are beginning?

Actual Mystic Region Screens

The Celtic Reiki Mastery Home Experience Includes:

11 Orientations (Attunements)

The three Foundation Master Orientations
The Master Realm Calibration
The Celtic Tree Essences
The Non-Celtic Tree Essences
The Elemental & Elven Essences
The Crystal, Mineral, Norse, and Runic Essences
The Stellar, Planetary and Stargate Essences + The Three Mystics
The Master Mystic and Mountain Shaping Tools & Essences
The Oceanic Realm & Beyond

4  Specially Authored Books

The Adventurer’s Guide to Celtic Reiki
The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Reiki Essences
The Three Mystics of Celtic Reiki
A Master’s Companion – The Celtic Reiki Mastery Manual

2 CD Audio/Downloadable Programmes

The Practitioner Programme
The Master Programme

Several Celtic Reiki Oracles & Adventures
Official Certification in Celtic Reiki Mastery and ‘Realm’ Mastery
Official Accreditation and Eligibility for Home Experience use for your Apprentices

Plus, if you choose to invest in the complete package you will receive the following...
Additional Bonuses, including a copy of the Stories from the Sacred Grove Book

Secret and Exclusive Bonuses to be enjoyed throughout your Experience
1-2-1 Mentoring with a qualified Realm Master

Actual Realm Scenes

Begin the magical adventure now, by entering 'The Realm of Meadows' and start your Foundation Master training...

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